Date: Monday, October 22, 2018, 6 pm

Who: All Symphonic Winds and Symphonic Band members

(This concert is cocurricular and is a result of class work. All students, no matter eligibility are required to perform in this concert. A major summative evaluation grade will be given.)

Dress: New red Band shirts, BLUE jeans and athletic shoes

Girls: stud earrings only and any hair accessories should be black only

Symphonic Band: Arrive at LMS at 5:15 and get instrument and band binder from the band hall. Go to cafeteria, sit in your assigned seat in the band set up and prepare for warm up which will start at 5:30. The concert will begin at 6 pm. At the end of your performance, you will file into the assigned Symphonic Band area of the audience and listen to the Symphonic Winds perform. At the conclusion of their performance, all students will assist in taking all the chairs and stands back to the band hall.

Symphonic Winds: Arrive at LMS at 5:30 and report to the band hall. Get your band instrument and band binder and stand in the band formation in the band hall. We will play a short warm up and then go to the cafeteria where we will sit in our assigned area and listen to the Symphonic Band’s performance which will begin at 6:00 pm. At the end of their performance, we will file into the band set up, play a short warm up and perform our selections. At the conclusion of the concert, all students will help take all stands and chairs back to the band hall.

All percussionists will move all their equipment back to the band hall.

Everyone has worked very hard for this performance. Be proud of what we have accomplished.

Ms. Santarelli and Mrs. Rees